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Excel Health & Fitness Ltd

Complete well-being for all


NO contracts on membership!

At SelbyGYM we understand that to impose contracts on your leisure time is un-fair, therefore all we require is one month notice and a brief reason for any cancellations to update our system. Life is hard enough without un-necessary complications. - PLEASE NOTE: IT IS YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP THE PAYMENTS WHEN YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR ONE MONTH NOTICE.

Admin fee = £0

Joining fee = £0

Cancellation fee = £0

Induction fee = £0

No "off" or "full" peak times.

Gym open Mon to Thurs 6:15am till 9pm | Fri till 8pm | Sat & Sun 9 till 4pm

  • £25 per month on standing order - No contract
  • £30 per month either cash or card payments
  • £10 per 7 days
  • £5 per gym visit - Casual member
  • £20 per month - under 18's
  • £3 per visit - under 18's

All monthly payments come out of your bank through standing order.

PLEASE NOTE: We require one month notice to cancel any monthly bank payments and it is your responsibility to stop any future payments from your bank, we have no control over your bank details! NO refunds are made or given under any circumstances.

01757 701 593

FACEBOOK: @selbygym

INSTAGRAM: #selbygymuk