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Personal Training

Personal training with Excel Health & Fitness Ltd at SelbyGYM is part funded through our community initiative programme which run in-conjunction with Excel. Exercise advice, training and workout plans can therefore be accessible for every person which ultimately means we can achieve results in a more realistic setting.

1 to 1 Personal training at SelbyGYM is £15 for 30 minutes or £12 if you book 10 or more sessions up-front.

If you would like 45 minute sessions, we charge £25 per session or £22 if you book 8 or more sessions up-front. This is for both members and non-members. We will not charge you for warming up and equally, you are not under any obligation to have a certain amount per week or month. for example; some of our clients have a review session once per month at 45 minutes and some have three sessions per week at 30 minutes. You are in control.

Small group training is available with your trainer. Groups can be with 2,3 or 4 people at a time and sessions last from 45 to 60 minutes. They cost £30 per session so they are fantastic for splitting the cost.

Personal Training within your own home is a minimum of £45 per session for 60 minutes. But please take into account distance. The further you live from our centre the more expensive it will be.

Please note: Personal Training with separate trainers may be more expensive, please respect their pricing structure as they are all self employed

Body Stat Analysis - £5 for members and £5 for non-members.

Body stat analysis is a complete breakdown of our individual statistics. It is not enough to just know our body fat percentage, we need to know the weight of our body fat, how much lean muscle and how much that lean muscle weighs. We also need to know how well we hold water, how much and how much water weighs. What about how many calories we burn at rest everyday? Our body stat analysis machine test everything your trainer needs to give you an effective, progressive and correct training plan.

Nutrition Analysis - £5 for members and £10 for non-members

Nutrition is as important if not more important than getting the correct exercise plan.

Without the correct food and fluid then 75% of our time could be a waste.

A full breakdown of your daily food and fluid intake, recommendations and supplement advice is given throughout the whole process, which takes months not days.